C-Solar – Solar Energy Solutions Startup Business

In todays world the technology allows us to work internationally with almost instant communication. Startup businesses are popping up around the world made by people with new ideas and business opportunities.

Each market is different with needs that are specific to a particular country. However, the principles of business apply around the world and that is why we can apply our knowledge to any market in any country.

One of the countires that we support is South Africa which presents vast digital marketing business opportunities. With growing economy and lack of innovation, there is plenty of space for new business.


A successful enterpreneur from South Africa has seen a great potential in Solar Energy Solutions in South Africa. That is becasue South Africa is suffering from load shedding and electricity supply shortage. With rising energy problems, a lot of people are switching to Solar Energy and by doing that, they are providing themselves with stress free life and working environment. The investor has appointed 2 business representatives to build a new business under the name of C-Solar.

  • To build an online presence and launch marketing campaign with the lead generation purpose - Website and Social Media Marketing.
  • To implement CRM system with necessary integrations along with staff training - Zoho CRM and Sales Training.
  • To create company IT infrastructure and internal process documents allowing to delegate tasks - Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Manuals.

The Solution

After business consultations we have agreed a budget and prepared a full proposal of a road map to achieve the quickest results with least investment. After approval of this proposal, we began to deliver the project and in 3 months the company has achieved its first objective - generation of first business leads.

  • We have agreed that for online presence, the best approach will be to create a landing page that will act as a lead generation page for time being. To generate enquiries, we have ran a lead generation campaign on Social Media allowing for quick exposure to local population.
  • To manage incoming enquiries and business opportunities, we have implemented CRM system that integrated with the website and Social Media Platforms.
  • We have introduced Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint access to files. Additionally, we have provided the business with IT Support and remote training.


We have successfuly launched the project allowing the company to generate business leads. All protocols were implemented accordingly with training period for staff members with Vectors supervision.

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